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Focus People

New approach to people counting

People counting will allow you to:

People counting with over 98% accuracy

We use 3D video counters from the world’s leading manufacturers

• Xovis
• Vivotek
• Hikvision
• Countmax

All necessary functions in an easy-to-use interface

• Averaging periods and object for accurate marketing events performance evaluation

• A simple filtration system for rapid outlet performance evaluation

• Creating an unlimited number of different groups for comparison

• A multifunctional spreadsheet to compare anything that takes a long time to analyze in Excel or BI

Footfall data recovery in case of loss

A unique analytical algorithm designed to recover footfall data You can see incident statuses in the web interface and receive incident reports on a monthly basis.

Personal account with the user access rights differentiated

Provide access to store managers grating the right to analyze data of their stores only

Continuous control of visitor data accuracy

Three-tier control:

• People counter availability
• Traffic data availability
• Traffic data accuracy

Automatic conversion evaluation

Import data on sales and number of checks for automatic conversion calculations

Over 150 satisfied customers We are trusted by companies from all over the world

Make management decisions on a real-time basis Increase revenue with Focus system