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Focus Mall

A system designed to evaluate performance of the shopping mall on a real-time basis. Offering assistance in preparation for discussions with tenants, planning and evaluating performance of marketing events.


Focus Retail

A solution designed to evaluate the performance of retail chains, adjust the staff schedule based on visitor traffic, plan and evaluate performance of marketing events.

Marina Zabgayeva
Head of Marketing at Usupso
«Store development is not guesses or speculations anymore. It is about clear-cut predictions based on specific data. “How does one know, how many people should visit your location?! Have your actions caused an increase in visitors?! How much time does a customer typically spend in the store?! The Focus Retail will give answers these most important questions. An excellent tool for analysis and planning of any retail decisions.»
Marina Zabgayeva, Head of Marketing at Usupso

Focus People Counting

A people counter and a system designed to collect, aggregate and visualize visitor traffic data.


Focus Wi-Fi Analytics

Collecting people behavior data by tracking signals from the Wi-Fi module of smartphones.


Focus Sales Flow

Automated collection, uploading and processing of each tenant’s sales at the shopping mall.