depo food mall analyzes and monitors tenants sales

12 Bolshoi Savvinsky lane


December 1 2019

Depo Food Mall Analyzes and Monitors Tenants’ Sales Through Focus Sales Flow

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We have partnered with the biggest food mall in the world. Its 11 thousand sq. m. floor accommodates 75 restaurant concepts and 60 farm stores. As of today, 99% of its tenants are connected to the Focus Sales Flow system that delivers analytics and monitoring of their turnover.

In the course of our partnership with Depo, we were able to identify a number of discrepancies between the sales data submitted by tenants and the data obtained from the Focus Sales Flow, an automated sales aggregation system. One of these cases made it possible to reveal hidden revenue of a corner store at the rate of 6,900,000 rubles over one quarter.

Focus Sales Flow allows the user to get reliable sales data and to monitor the turnover and revenue of tenants with absolute accuracy.