Focus Wi-Fi Analytics - Visitor tracking based on Shopster

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Focus Wi-Fi

Visitor tracking based on Shopster

With Focus Wi-Fi Analytics you will be able to

Four products underpinned by a single technology

Thanks to the Shopster software, a Wi-Fi router can be operated in four modes:

• Wi-Fi monitoring mode
• Hotspot mode
• iBeacon mode
• iBeacon monitoring mode

Gauge effectiveness of your ad campaigns

• Digital advertising
• Outdoor advertising
• Offline advertising

The system integrates with communications and media platforms

• Yandex
• Mytarget
• MaximaTelecom

Gain revolutionary insights into offline visitor data

Automated technology makes field surveys obsolete.

Analyze audience intersection with other locations

An extensive infrastructure enables you to:

• Segment MAC address data by areas of interest
•Analyze intersections with other locations to drive cross-retailer promotions.

Bring online and offline together

A combination of MAC address and Cookies unleashes a number of marketing opportunities such as:

• Personalized online targeting
• Online advertisement effectiveness assessment
• Prospective audience profiling
• Analysis of audience response to ads

More than 150 satisfied customers We are trusted by companies from all over the world.

Targeting online2offline and gauging advertising effectiveness

A retailer from Scandinavia compared the effectiveness of outdoor advertising with that of digital ads. The company used online advertising to target those customers who had already seen outdoor advertisements. For the experiment, Shopster Wi-Fi routers were installed on billboards and in retailer’s store.

According to the findings from this case, the conversion rate was 5 times higher for the prospects exposed to both outdoor and online ads than for those who had only seen outdoor ads.

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Assessing Passers-By

There is often a discrepancy between the traffic outside and the flow of visitors entering the store, both having distinct peaks. Sales can be boosted as much as 30% if data from the system is leveraged in a marketing campaign that targets passers-by.

This case has earned our customer $500,000 in extra sales per year across its chain of 30 stores.

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