Automated sales transactions collector to control tenants’ turnover

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Sales Flow

Automated sales transactions collector
to control tenants’ turnover

The Focus Sales Flow will allow you to

A software solution, which allows to automatically upload and process sales data from cash registers

The possibility to get data from 100% tenants of shopping mall with different connection options

Get an effective tool for control of cafes’ and restaurants’ sales

Restaurants cancel some of the purchases made and issue a Pre-check instead. Also, restaurants can classify some of their revenue as:

• Bad food
• Lunches of employees
• Compliments of the chef

The Sales Flow system collects all checks, including Pre-checks and currency codes

No interferance with work of POS machines

• No additional devices are required
• A high level of data encryption

Uploade historical records while installation

allows to analyze tenants' sales data for previous periods

Ready-to-use scripts for negotiations with your tenants

• General argument
• Tenant claim management
• Answers to frequently asked questions
• Spreadsheet templates for leasing managers
• Tenant mail templates and many more

Control of sales data accuracy and quality

Every day, we identify and eliminate the causes of abnormal data in 30% of tenants

• No daily sales (35% of cases)
• Unusual amounts of sale (20% of cases)
• Many returns
• No typical product ranges
• No sales influx on promotion days or weekends

Over 150 satisfied customers We are trusted by companies from all over the world

Control of tenants’ sales

10% of tenants at every shopping center understate their revenues by 30-40% in monthly reports in order to lower rental rate.

Our client increased its revenue by $160,000 per month ($1,920,000 per year) by having implemented the Focus Sales Flow system.

Rental rate

Receiving tenants' sales data on a daily basis, the shopping center can promptly react to any changes in the structure of tenant earnings. With the tenant sales data and analysis of the rental rate share in the tenant's revenue (OCR), the shopping center can increase the rental rate in a timely manner without affecting a tenant’s business.

It might give an extra $90,000 per month ($1,080,000 per year) at a standard shopping center with 100 tenants.

Increase in the tenant’s sales

Using the Focus Sales Flow system allows to identify products that can increase the revenue of both the tenant and the shopping center.

For example, one of our clients identified that average check amounts were completely different at two stores of the same chain housed in different shopping centers. After ABC-analysis popular products were identified that were not available in the store with low revenue. After solving this problem, the tenant’s revenue increased by 20%, and the shopping center’s rental income increased by $85,000 per year.

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