Focus Mall - Get your shopping center management automated

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Focus Mall

Get your shopping center
management automated

Evaluate performance of the shopping center in real time

User-friendly and customizable interface to control and analyze performance indicators:

• Traffic • Engagement
• Sales • Cross visits
• Conversion • Number of stores per visit
• Frequency • Average check
• Dwell time • Purchase amount

• Traffic
• Sales
• Conversion
• Frequency
• Dwell time
• Cross visits
• Number of stores per visit
• Average check
• Purchase amount

Collected data will show the impact of a tenant’s location on its performance

You will have an access to all data on the tenant’s essential KPIs over time, comparison of the tenant with their environment and same category representatives.

The Focus Mall combines all data from buying activity at your shopping center

Focus on troubled or successful tenants, categories, price segments

The system will help you highlight troubled and successful areas of your shopping center in general and every tenant in particular

The strategy of negotiations with tenants will become most effective

Estimate performance of advertising campaigns

Break down your marketing budget efficiently and evaluate the return on investment.

With data collected, you can easily improve marketing, leasing and operations management performance

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