Focus People Counting - new approach to people counting

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Focus People

Qualitative traffic data and their analysis

People counting will allow you to:

High-quality and uninterrupted traffic data flow

Integration with the most popular models of 3D video meters

• Xovis
• Brickstream
• Vivotek
• Hikvision
• Countmax

Cloud web-interface

• Evaluation of the effectiveness of entrance groups/zones

• Dynamics of attendance by hours/days/weeks/months

• Focusing on problematic / successful stores/tenants

• Evaluation of the effectiveness of a marketing event based on its attendance, cleared of trend and seasonality

Assessment of the contribution of factors to the traffic of a shopping center/store

• Weather
• Seasonality
• Marketing promotions

Automated control of the correctness of the received data

• Availability of the user counter
• Availability of attendance data
• Correctness of attendance data
• Monthly incident reports

Remote error correction and data recovery

• Remote troubleshooting of equipment operation
• Recovery of attendance data in case of their loss
• Service check-out if necessary

Automatic conversion estimation

Import data on sales and number of checks for automatic conversion calculations

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New employee motivation system

A new motivation system targeted at the number of buyers rather than sales volume alone can be implemented. Once the new employee motivation system is launched, the conversion rate of the retail chain increases at least by 0.5%.

One of our clients with 40 retail stores calculated sales increase by $1,320,000 per year after the launch of a new employee motivation system.

Accurate breakdown of the marketing budget

Suppose that the marketing budget is 12,000,000 rubles per year. 4 of 12 marketing initiatives held within a year, with the intention to increase the number of visitors, did not return any additional footfall. The Focus People Counting System evaluates the instant effect of marketing events, which allows reduction of unsuccessful initiatives and a chance to increase successful ones. In this case, the marketing budget savings might total $65,000 per year.

Optimization of the staff schedule in the retail chain

In low footfall hours, there is no point in having the entire staff. In peak footfall hours, it is imperative to make sure that you have enough staff. Payroll can be reduced by 10.5% without any staff cuts by optimizing the work schedule during the day alone. This amounts to $120,000 per year for the average retail chain of 30 stores.

On the other hand, the turnover increases 3% to 5% thanks to optimal staff distribution during the busy hours. This amounts to $1,000,000 per year.

Make management decisions on a real-time basis Increase revenue with Focus system