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Visit format analysis to increase average check


A retail chain offering children’s products launched a sales promotion, titled “Happy Hours From 9 to 11: Discount on All Merchandise,” to boost store visits in morning hours. The footfall and sales did not increase.


By tracking customers’ mac addresses, the Focus Wi-Fi Analytics analyzes the dwell time, frequency of returns, entry rate. Wi-Fi routers installed across the store gave a deeper insight into the visit format. The data showed that there are 3 times more loyal visitors in morning hours (high store visit frequency) than at any other time. These are mothers who took their children to kindergartens/schools and shopped during this time. With or without promotion, this audience still visits the store and shops during this time.


A marketing initiative was replaced with a promotion intended to increase the average check of loyal visitors. Once done, the revenue in morning hours soared 30%.

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