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Increase your revenue 
from shopping space

Unique tools for behavioral analytics, analysis automation and generation of recommendations

About Us

The Focus System is an automatic measurement, and possible management of a shopper’s path to purchase

1 Technologies with the ability to collect data on a shopper’s movement and behavior inside a shopping mall or store: a people counting system, an automated tenant sales flow system, Wi-Fi analytics, face recognition and more.

2 Web and mobile applications are ready-made interfaces, which help ensure a 360-degree control over the situation, pinpoint problem areas and make decisions in your functional areas: common control, marketing, leasing.

10 000

Sensors all over the world

4 million

Sq. m. of GLA managed by the Focus System

50 mil

People tracked daily

10 years

of expertise in retail property management


We are trusted by companies from all over the world. More than 150 customers confirm ROI within a year

Solutions for shopping malls and retail chains

The Focus System will allow you to make efficient management decisions

Focus Mall

A system designed to evaluate performance of the shopping mall on a real-time basis. Offering assistance in preparation for discussions with tenants, planning and evaluating performance of marketing events.

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Focus Retail

A solution designed to evaluate the performance of retail chains, adjust the staff schedule based on visitor traffic, plan and evaluate performance of marketing events.

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Focus Technologies

We use advanced technologies to collect data about a visitor’s behavior during shopping

Focus People Counting

A people counter and a system designed to collect, aggregate and visualize visitor traffic data.

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Focus Sales Flow

Collecting people behavior data by tracking signals from the Wi-Fi module of smartphones.

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Focus Wi-Fi Analytics

Automated collection, uploading and processing of each tenant’s sales at the shopping mall.

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Sales of our customers increase by an average of 19% after implementation of the Focus products

Tenant turnover audit, fraud analysis

A detailed analysis of the tenant’s sales and a sample purchase by a unique algorithm revealed 6,900,000 rubles hidden in a single quarter, which the tenant did not report to the shopping mall although its rental rate was based on turnover percentage.

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Negotiating a discount for the tenant

A tenant’s sales and footfall analysis helped the shopping center discover the reason behind the tenant’s slumping figures and issue recommendations how to boost the traffic and impulse buying, having increased the turnover by 7%. A 35% discount was taken off the table.

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Increasing staff performance

An analysis of the average dwell time revealed discrepancies caused by less qualified staff of one of the shifts. Additional training and partial staff replacement increased the dwell time and pushed up sales by 8%.

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Visit format analysis to increase average check

A retail chain offering children’s products analyzed the store visit format with the Focus Wi-Fi Analytics to adjust a sales promotion and increase store sales in morning hours by 30%.

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Events and media publications

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Indoor People Counting with Focus Real-Time

As a result of the COVID-19 spread, the government has decided to limit the number of people allowed to be present inside shopping centers and stores.

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First Offline MAPIC Russia 2020 Expo After Long Lockdown

This year, we once again participated in the MAPIC Russia, the largest expo of commercial real estate in Russia.

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Focus Technologies Receives Its First International Award

Focus Technologies has received its first international award at the annual professional Global Retail Real Estate Awards.

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Depo Food Mall Analyzes and Monitors Tenants’ Sales Through Focus Sales Flow

We have partnered with the biggest food mall in the world. Its 11 thousand sq. m. floor accommodates 75 restaurant concepts and 60 farm stores. As of today, 99% of its tenants are connected to the Focus Sales Flow system that delivers analytics and monitoring of their turnover.

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